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I’ve been reading all the posts, getting ready for the worst and hoping for one of the best. Had I not had an unrelated complication I would have been back to work on March 10. Yes it hurt a little for about 24 hours however once I obtained that jock strap and additional padding out things settled proper down. I was capable of sleep on my side with my legs together that first night. Worst part was they weren’t in a position to use regular stitches as a result of all of a sudden surprising coronary heart problem so to speed up the surgery they used staples. Surgery lasted less than an hour and had I not the guts factor I would have been house by lunch.

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Only took ibuprofin sometimes for somewhat discomfort . Today is Monday, I am transferring around the home usually, very little swelling. Keeping the incision lined with gauze and sporting briefs. It has not been uncomfortable until the last 6 months, I was operating out of streachable skin.

After filling out paper work, I was wheeled into the surgical procedure room, given anesthesia, and fell asleep rapidly. I woke up with minor ache round my proper testical. I was launched from the hospital quickly after displaying the nurse I was in a position to eat and go to the bathroom. I am seventy seven years old and have lived with a very uncomfortable hydrocele, for over 6 years, which grew to softball dimension.

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The morning of the day after surgical procedure (Dec. 30), I removed the tape dressing. It was a little painfull because of some hair pulling. When I first noticed the incision, I thought it looked pretty dangerous. I additionally had a lot of blood on the first gauze pad from surgery. So after a shower, I put on a jock strap and tight underwear. By the best way I did not use any painkillers besides Tylenol every four hours.

It was also very onerous to sleep that evening as a result of limited movement and pain. On 30 Nov. my left testacle was too painful and swollen . I’ll write more about my expertise within the days to come. Overall, I’m pleased I had the surgical procedure and sit up for healing. This is my first surgery and I could be mendacity if I mentioned it was a great experience — it’s been robust and I look forward to getting back to a normal life. Advice — Plan for good period of time to get well.

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  • My testicles don’t produce the testosterone they should and I actually have by no means been in a position to father chidren.
  • I had hydroelectomy in 1991 at age 22 wile in the militaty.
  • I amm forty four now and experienced reduced testosterone production.
  • It didn’t seem to point out up or trigger porblems after I had my army physical for becoming a member of the Army.

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At any fee, its positively smaller than earlier than the surgery. The incision was on the right aspect, about two inches, and the stitches have already dissolved. I’m feeling a lot better since my drain tube was removed yesterday and did not realize how long it was (about 5 in.) Urologist prescribed lunesta for my insomnia. Third day of surgical procedure and never feeling any pain this morning.


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Could this be attributable to swelling in the hernia area above? Was the right testicle this excessive beforehand, being held up there by the hydrocele beneath it? Or is the hernia swelling presumably inflicting the spermatic cord to be holding the testicle up larger than regular? I had hydrcelectomy 8 days ago for the second time. My operation takes place tomorrow, about 12 hours from now. Thanks to everyone who took time to share your experiences. It has been very useful and reassuring to know what some of you could have skilled, and I hope inside a couple of days I’ll have the ability to share my restoration scenario with you.

Anyways, I received the hydrocelectomy done on December, 29. The surgery was the same as everybody else that has posted on here. The first day residence from surgery was not very enjoyable.